2020 Wage Increases-Breakdowns

March 25th, 2020

Dear Local 721 Membership,

RE: 2020 Wage Increases-Breakdowns

On behalf of Fred MacPherson and myself we hope everyone is doing well and acting safely.

A special thanks to all our staff, Officers and the membership for the amazing job everyone is doing representing our Local and the trade during these challenging times.

With all the meeting cancellations and May 1st, 2020 around the corner we have upcoming wage breakdowns that need to be sent out in a timely fashion.

This will allow Employer’s payroll departments and the benefit plan sufficient time to make the necessary changes for May 1st, 2020 for Rods and Residential Ornamental and May 3rd, 2020 for ICI Iron. We have attached the various wage breakdowns for your review.

The breakdowns have been endorsed and recommended by the Local’s Executive Board and Officers.

For Rod’s-effective May 1st, 2020

The wage package is set and was voted on last year with a motion over the term of the contract for max. pension and up to $0.10 for benefits if required with the remainder on wages and vacation pay.

The increased for ROD’s is set at $1.20 for 2020 – the breakdown is as follows – $0.81 on wages, $0.08 on vacation, $0.10 for benefits and $0.21 on pension.

Please see attachment.

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Benefit Improvement – Increase on ODA fee guide to 2020, effective Jan.1st, 2020.

As this is in order with the recommendations and the approved motion we will commence updating our Signatory RODWORKER contractors and the benefit plan by the end of the week.

For ICI -Effective May 3rd, 2020

As it may not be feasible to carry out voting due to time constraints/COVID-19 on the recommendations that came out of the Benefit/Pension meeting we have for transparency reasons posted the recommended proposed breakdowns for ICI Iron.

Please visit our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and we invite members to comment electronically or by email to info@iw721.org.

We have put a deadline of April 9th, 2020 for any feedback.

As in previous recommendations that came out of the benefit/pension meeting, across all of our wage breakdowns, for benefit and pension recommendations have always passed with the remainder distributed on wages and vacation pay.

After this period, we will start notifying and updating employers and the benefit plan on April 10th, 2020 based on the officers/executive boards endorsement and pending any feedback from the membership.

The increase in ICI IRON is set at $1.30 for 2020 – the breakdown is as follows – $0.90 on wages, $0.09 on vacation, $0.13 for benefits and $0.18 on pension. Please see attachment.

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This year the welfare plan for benefits requires a total of $0.13 to cover a shortfall in funding and improvements to the plan. The only improvements that where approved, by all locals, were brought forward by Local 721 and will Commence May 1st, 2020.

They are as follows:

1) Increase ODA fee guide to 2020-effective May 1st, 2020

2) Dependent spouse and child life insurance benefit, $10,000 for spouse and $5000 for child-effective May 1st, 2020

The last benefit is very timely and was proposed to help member’s financially through what would be a very difficult time and loss for them. Please note this creates an additional taxable benefit to all members and applies to active members only with listed spouses and children at the benefit plan.

For Residential Ornamental – effective May 1st, 2020

The same info, time lines and benefit/pension improvements as for ICI Iron. The only difference is Effective date and total package increase.

The increase in Residential Ornamental is set at $1.20 for 2020

– breakdown is as follows – $0.81 on wages, $0.08 on vacation, $0.13 for benefits and $0.18 on pension.

Please see attachment.

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Fraternally Yours,

Fred MacPherson 

BM/FST IW Local 721

Luiz Barros

President/Business Agent, IW Local 721

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