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The deadline for the Glenn Kimmett Scholarship 2020 is fast approaching.

July 17th, 2020

It’s that time of year again!  If members have children entering their first year of post-secondary education this year, they can apply for a scholarship.

Click here for details and the application form.



Annual Charity Golf Tournament 2020 

June 18, 2020

To Our Friends of Local 721:

Local 721 will hold the Annual Charity Golf Tournament this September 13, 2020 at the Innisbrook Golf Club at 8:00am SHOT GUN.  Last year, we had an incredible tournament and a turn out with 54 sponsors and 140 participants.   We would like to invite our sponsors to participate again for this great cause.

This year with the pandemic on hand, we understand that our sponsors may not have the budget for this.  If this is the case, we will still include your signs at each hole and banner as we did last year. We would be grateful for a prize or gift for our participants.  Please contact Karen Werlick with the details at kwerlick@iw721.org.

We wish to thank all the sponsors, volunteers and staff that make this day possible every year. Last year we doubled our donation to the Ronald MacDonald House.

We look forward to your continued support.


Fred MacPherson                                                                                           Luiz Barros

Business Manager                                                                                                   President

Financial Secretary/Treasurer                                                                             Ironworkers Local 721

Ironworkers Local 721

Please click here  for the letter to sponsors and participants.

Please click here for the registration form.

Please click here for the sponsorship form.


The Officers and the Membership of Ironworkers Local 721 want to wish everyone a

Happy Canada Day! 

Please be responsible and stay safe!

To download the above greeting, click here.



June 2020 Membership Meeting video available in “Members Login” until July 14th, 2020 under  “Membership Documents”.

If you do not have access to the Membership Portal, please register by clicking here. Once you are approved, you may review all documents uploaded there.





To the Membership of Local 721.


The Local hopes everyone is continuing to be safe and healthy!

We have a scheduled a Membership meeting next Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 via Zoom video conference starting at 6:00 pm.

This meeting will be recorded, and you will be notified of this as you connect to the meeting.

You will be muted during the meeting, but you can use the chat feature within Zoom to ask questions at the appropriate time. Please select “Everyone” under “Chat”, these will also be recorded.

Private chatting is permitted between Members as well throughout the meeting.  These private chats are not saved and only visible to the people in the private chats. Please select from the “Chat Room” the individual you wish to speak to privately.

For the Zoom video meeting, here are the credentials:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 624 907 0495

Password: Local721

Once you have connected via the link above, you will be placed in a waiting room, and admitted to the meeting once we’ve verified you are a member in good standing. The Chair reserves the right to disable anyone who is being disruptive during the zoom membership meeting. Please join the “Waiting Room” starting from 5:30pm to allow time for being granted access. No one will be admitted after 6:15pm.

Although, we are taking reasonable precautions to ensure only our membership is granted access to this zoom membership meeting, due to the public nature of the meeting when viewing, we cannot prevent anyone who can also view via someone who has been granted access. As such we will provide very limited financial details (bottom line numbers). Additionally, the Chair reserves the right to not discuss or answer questions that may affect the Local’s or individual’s privacy rights.  Please contact the Business Manager or President via email or phone any day AFTER the zoom meeting to address any issues or questions that could not be taken care of during the zoom meeting.

The recorded meeting will be available within two business days under our member login through our website (www.iw721.org) under Membership Documents. To access the Member Login, you must be signed up and approved for access.

It is our hope that everything runs smoothly. We ask for your patience as we streamline the zoom meeting process moving forward until our regular Membership meetings are re-established physically at the Local Union Hall location.


Fraternally Yours,

Luiz Barros

IW 721 President




Practice days are Monday & Wednesday from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm (Maximum of 9 people at a time)

CWB weld test can be scheduled on Thursdays & must be pre-booked with Maria 416-236-4026

Group 1 from 7:00 am – 9:00 am (max 9 people)

Group 2 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am (max 9 people)


Apprentice Meeting

The May Apprentice meeting is cancelled.

Apprentices can contact the Apprentice Coordinator, Clinton Knowlton, to submit proof of hours if they are due for the next pay raise.

416-236-4026, ext. 226, or cknowlton@iw721.org


Apprentice Classes

The return date & start dates for all Rodworker & Ironworker Apprentice classes are currently on hold until further notice.




RE: Rodmen Benefit Plan


To download the letter, click here.

Feeling overwhelmed with COVID-19?  Our Member Assistance Program (MAP) is here to help!



Click here fore more information.



RE: Union Dues

To download the letter, click here.



RE: Benefit Plan

To download the letter, click here.

Feeling overwhelmed with COVID-19?  Our Member Assistance Program (MAP) is here to help!



Click here fore more information.




RE: Working At Heights extension

To download the letter, click here.




RE: Update  letter regarding COVID-19 Ontario Building Trades

To download the letter, click here .

Re: COVID-19 Advisory for construction workplaces in Ontario,  click here.

Re:  List of essential workplaces, click here.


RE: How to apply to EI during COVID-19

To download the letter, click here.

COVID-19 Update #7


re: WSIB’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic


Click  here to download the above in letter format. Click here for the BTWS newsletter.

COVID-19 Update #6




Click here for the details.



(ie. Hockey tournaments, etc) 




RE: Out-of-Province Emergency Travel Insurance


To download the letter, click here .






To download the letter, click  here .






To download the letter, click here.




RE: members of Local 721 and benefit coverage for Out of Country Emergency Medical Insurance Coverage

To download the letter, click here. 




Re: Message from the President & Business Manager

To download the letter, click here.


March 12, 2020

Local 721 is concerned about the health of our members, their families and the broader community in which we all live and work.

As a result, we urge our members to take reasonable precautions to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.  Symptoms of COVID-19 may include things such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing and its symptoms may resemble a cold or the flu.

There are many sources of public health information on COVID-19.  We urge you to listen to the advice of public health experts and to follow their directions.  As the public health response to this issue may change rapidly, we recommend getting your advice from sources such as the public health website for Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Health website.

If you are concerned that you may have COVID-19 or to have been exposed to it please contact your primary care provider, local public health unit or Telehealth (1-866-797-000).

If you receive direction from your doctor or public health, please comply with it, including any directions to self-isolate/not attend work.  If this happens, please inform your employer.

We encourage members in these circumstances to take reasonable precautions to avoid attending work and spreading illness. If you are sick or if you were exposed to someone who has COVID-19 then please inform your employer.   If you request sick leave and your employer will not agree to it then please contact Local 721.

It is also possible that your employer may be concerned that you are exhibiting symptoms and ask you to not work even if you feel you are well enough to work.  If you receive such a direction please comply with it.  If you think the direction was unfair or wrong then please contact Local 721.

In the short-term we ask that members communicate on Local Union issues as much as possible without physical attendance at Local 721’s offices.  We are reachable by phone and email and will update our website  www.iw721.org as further information becomes available and we ask that you check for updates from us.

Fraternally yours,

Luiz Barros, President

Fred MacPherson, Business Manager/F.S.T


To download the letter and poster, click here.

Mental Health Awareness

For more information on Mental Health Awareness, please read the message by Bruce Simpson below:
Mental Health Poster 

Newsletter 2020

Check your mail for the most recent newsletter.  Important dates and information enclosed.  There is also a special something inside each envelope.

If you do not receive your newsletter in the mail, call Shaila Carter to see if your mailing address is correct. Phone: 416-236-4026, ext. 302, or Email: scarter@iw721.org.


Upcoming Local 721 2020 Schedule & Holidays 

Click here to view the 2020 schedule.


Hydro Clearance

Members who are interested in obtaining security clearance for either the Darlington, Pickering Nuclear Generating Station or the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station OPG:

Please contact Scott Draper at the Dispatch office for the paperwork.

His contact is: 416-236-7765.

Email: dispatch721@rogers.com



Dispatch Procedures

Please click here to view the Dispatch Procedures.


Ironworkers were recognized and acknowledged for their years of service at the Pin Party 2019.

Click here to view the photos.

Congratulations to all of our pin recipients!

This year we recognized members who completed 70 years, 65, 60, 55, 50, 45, 35 and 25 years of service.

Pension & Benefit Plan

If you’d like to contact the Pension & Benefit Plan, call 416-223-0383.

For more information, you can click here. Also, to get help with mental illness, click on this: Brochure_MorneauShepell_MAP

quality, safety and reliability, and our projects reflect that attitude.

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