Welding Department


Hours Of Operations


Open Weld Practices

Monday from 12:pm to 7:00 pm & Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

We are currently allowing 721 members to walk-in for practice sessions.

CWB Welder Qualifications

Test session for members are on Thursday starting at 7am

Welders must be pre-booked ahead of time and must meet all the requirements to test at this training facility.

You can contact us at  (416)-236-4026 or email us at info@iw721.org


Weld Shop Requirements
All welders must be a member of an Ontario Ironworkers Local and must be in good standing.

All welders doing CWB Welder Qualifications to a CSA Standard will be tested to the Standard.
The CSA Standards that are currently being tested at this training facility are,
• W47.1
• W186
All welders must practice first before booking a CWB Welder Qualification.




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