Requirements for Completion of Apprenticeship

The Ironworker apprenticeship consists of a 6000 hour contract of apprenticeship between the Local Apprenticeship Committee and the Apprentice and is duly registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The potential apprentice must first complete an application for apprenticeship at Ironworkers Local 721, 909 Kipling Ave., Etobicoke On. The application is done in conjunction with a mechanical aptitude and math test and is administered at the local union office. Both assessments are based on grade 10 equivalency. Applicants will be contacted by the local union Coordinator when the assessments are reviewed in full. Please do not call the local union requesting your results.

Applicants that achieve a minimum of 70% on both these tests and are able to sign off on the trade regulation requirements for the following are placed on file for a period of at least one year for potential referral through the Ironworkers Union.


  • Minimum Education level of Grade 10 or equivalent
  • Minimum age of 17 years
  • Ability to work for more than one employer during the terms of apprenticeship
  • Work anywhere within the jurisdiction of Local 721
  • Ability to climb and work safely at heights
  • Be prepared to attend school whenever requested by the Union Hall

Getting Started
Once an applicant has been referred by Ironworkers Local 721, they will work for a period of three months as a probationary apprentice at 60% of the prevailing journeyperson wage. Potential apprentices must obtain a job referral slip from the dispatcher and present this to employer upon their referral. After a three month probationary period the progress of the apprentice is reviewed and they may indenture with the local and the ministry. Fees for apprentice membership are $135.50 for initiation fee and $60.00 for text books. Dues for apprentices are currently $35.50 per month.

Each hour worked counts for one hour against the apprentice contract. Each successfully completed session of trade school will result in a credit of 240 hours being applied to the ironworker apprentice contract.

Scale of wages is as follows:

  • 1st 1000 hours 60% of the prevailing Journeyperson Wage
  • 2nd 1000 hours 70% of the prevailing Journeyperson Wage
  • 3rd 1000 hours 75% of the prevailing Journeyperson Wage
  • 4th 1000 hours 80% of the prevailing Journeyperson Wage
  • 5th 1000 hours 85% of the prevailing Journeyperson Wage
  • 6th 1000 hours 90% of the prevailing Journeyperson Wage

Once the Ironworker Apprentice has completed the required trade school intakes and 6000 hours of in the field experience they challenge the Interprovincial Red Seal examination where they must attain a minimum of 70%. After Apprentices have successfully completed the Certificate of Qualification they may submit to the local examining board an application to change their classification to Journeyperson Ironworker. Examinations for these certifications are conducted at Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Offices located throughout Ontario.