RE: EPSCA Ratification 2020-2025 MOA

Notice to any Ironworker that is/or was working under EPSCA agreement in 2020: Copies of the Ironworker EPSCA MOA (memorandum of agreement) will be available on balloting day or by request to Luiz Barros by email at   Additionally, please contact any Business Agent or shop steward at Darlington/Pickering for a copy.

Furthermore, no one above the rank of GF can vote on the EPSCA agreement.

Please review the MOA. If a member has any question re: MOA, they can contact Fred MacPherson at

In conjunction with the early bargaining (ad hoc opener June 2018-February 1, 2019) and ongoing negotiations with our Power Sector Employer group (EPSCA), (February 1-15, first ratification balloting, February 27th, Provincial rejection) we reached an impasse effective from the week of March 15th and have applied for a conciliation officer with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

We have had further negotiations since then and have arrived at a memorandum of agreement that has been endorsed by the bargaining committee.  Our Business Manager is recommending that we accept the memorandum of agreement.

Rejection of the ratification will be considered as such and also as a pro-forma strike vote.

As such, members can review the MOA for 2020-2025 EPSCA in advance and Balloting will be occurring at two separate sites, details provided below, on Monday May 4th, 2020.

All necessary steps will be taken to address the current environment RE: COVID.  Hand sanitizer will be provided, pencils will be deposited in garbage can near table after each member votes (or member can take pencil with them), and all members must maintain minimum of 2 metres spacing and leave the area once they’ve voted.

Each site will have a complete membership list indicating membership and current dues status. As such voting members will not require a dues receipt but valid ID to validate them on the membership list for eligibility to vote.  Anyone who votes will be marked on potential voters list to prevent anyone from re-voting and to minimize any contact, re: dues slips.

Each balloting station will have the shop steward as a judge of election with two agents to assist.

Balloting Site 1 – At Darlington in the East Darlington Parking Lot at the DEC-Darlington Energy Complex on Monday May 4th, 2020 at 4:30PM- 6:00PM

Balloting Site 2 – At Pickering in the North East Corner at PLC- Pickering Learning Centre on Monday 4th, 2020 at 3:00PM-5:00 PM


Fraternally Yours,

Luiz Barros                                                        Fred MacPherson

IW Local 721 President                                       IW Local 721 BM/FST

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