It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Thomas Cryan.

Dad really loved “the union” as he referred to IW721. He voted every year well after retirement. He immigrated from Ireland with Ontario Hydro, they paid his fair (ship) and he was employed to remove brush from the Niagara Falls escarpment. This was 1954. A few years later (after a stint on the oil rigs in Alberta) he became an Iron Worker in Ontario. He was very proud to be able to take care of his wife and 5 children on a decent income and benefits. His photo (on a Walkie talkie suspended off the TD Building in Toronto) graced the walls of the Science Centre for decades. School trips there gave me and my twin brother bragging rights over our classmates. Doctor, lawyer, business owner dads had nothing on the attractive Irishman hanging off a skyscraper. At the time of construction it was the highest building in Canada….maybe the world?

So you do great work. Important work. Don’t forget that.