Notice – RE: 2024 Wage Breakdowns & April Membership Meeting

Please be advised that at the Wednesday April 17th, 2024,  membership meeting we will be voting on the following Wage breakdowns.

Location: Local 721 Union Hall at 909 Kipling Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

Start time 6:00pm– please visit  for more information. 


Pending membership voting for the following bargaining units’ wage breakdowns.

1) ICI Iron (OEA-CBA) -wage breakdown – effective May 1st, 2024

2) Residential/Ornamental CBA- wage breakdown – effective May 1st, 2024

3) Rodworker CBA -wage breakdown – effective May 1st, 2024.

Have been finalized and will shortly be posted on the website.  No voting is required as the allocations for wage breakdowns of $0.26 for pension, $0.25 for Welfare, $1.88 for Wages and $0.19 for vacation pay for the Rod workers meet the requirements of prior consent of up to the maximum pension contribution allowable and a maximum of $0.25 for welfare and with the remainder added on wages and vacation.

4) EPSCA wage breakdowns for 2024 for both the Iron and Rod in generation and transmission will rely on ICI approval of pension and welfare contributions for both Iron and Rods agreements, see above.

 Once the Ontario Ironworkers District Council receives the new Pension & Welfare numbers and any other changes, they will co-ordinate with EPSCA to update the various wage breakdowns. The various wage breakdowns under EPSCA will also be posted on our website, once EPSCA has provided the updated wage schedules to review for any errors or omissions and have been properly vetted and approved.                                                                      

Should there be no quorum as the President I will cast a single vote base on the Business Manager/FST and Executive Boards recommendation to accept or decline each of the proposed wage breakdowns. 

Fraternally Yours,

Luiz Barros

President/Business Agent, IW Local 721

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