Message from Business Manager of IW Local 700

Good evening Brothers,

As many of you know we have been battling foreign workers coming into the Nextstar Battery Plant in Windsor and we are launching a campaign to let the Government know, we won’t stand for it. I’d ask if you could put this link  on your social media pages and share it,  as this is the link for the electronic letter writing campaign to every MP in the Country and will be directed to the MP in which constituency that our Members reside. This is a problem that we need to stop and ensure that our jobs are getting done with Canadians, and more specifically our Members.

Thanks in advance, please pass along, and send it out to any concerned taxpayer.

Its time to remind the Government who they work for!!


Jason Roe, Business Manager-FST

Ironworkers Local 700

4069 County Rd 46  RR#3 Maidstone, Ont. NOR 1K0

Hall    519-737-7110



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