Special announcement from the President and Business Manager of Local 721


Date: Monday September 6, 2021

Location: Local 721 at 909 Kipling Avenue East Parking Lot

Time: 7:30am to 10:30am


As this year Labour Day march has been cancelled due to COVID-19, we will be setting up a drive by – pick up for any members, spouses and children 12 and under who are eligible to receive a Local 721 Labour day gift.


Please be advised that we will be checking the membership roll to verify you are a member of Local 721 and your dues must be current, paid until the end of July 2021.


We ask you to park temporarily in the TTC parking lot, north of the Local, maintain 6 feet separation from all non-household members and when approaching the table for pick up wear a mask.


Please once you receive your Labour day items vacate the area as we expect a good turn-up and want to remain in compliance with all COVID-19 government regulations.

Luiz Barros                                                           Fred MacPherson

Ironworkers Local 721                                     Ironworkers Local 721

President                                                              Business Manager / F.S.T

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