Ironworkers Local 721 Welding Department – XIRIS Camera Giveaway

Ironworkers Local 721 Welding Department is enter Educators Conference XIRIS Camera Giveaway

Enter to win Xiris Educator Package for your school!

This is our welding department video entry. Thank you for watching.

More information about the giveaway from CWB group –…

Our annual Educators Conference is approaching fast and so is your school’s chance to win Xiris XVC-1000 weld camera educator kit with virtual training and installation assistance. Plus, 5 students will receive a Xiris swag bag kit.

BETTER IMAGES. BETTER DECISIONS. BETTER PROCESS CONTROL. Enhance your classroom training with a modern solution to display, record and playback weld video. When teaching welding, it is important that students not only understand what is being taught, but can fully see the demonstration. The Weld Camera Kit for Educators is a complete robust weld imaging solution designed specifically for welding education programs. The camera delivers high contrast, high dynamic range images with a clear view of the brightest features of a welding torch tip while still being able to see the weld pool and surrounding darker background up to 40m/132’ away from the weld source! The camera allows for display, recording and playback of clear views of the entire welding process, providing a better classroom experience for welding programs. The resulting weld video feed can be attached to a simple monitor or a full-size projector and still provide a clear, comprehensive view of all elements of the weld process for students to monitor and study.

KEY BENEFITS OF THE WELD CAMERA EDUCATOR PACKAGE For Students A more enjoyable learning experience A clear view of the welding instruction No stress about missing key points in a single, live demo The ability to repeatedly view and learn from recorded demos Use the weld video for class projects For Instructors No more worry about classroom space and students’ proximity to weld demos Better capability to demonstrate new or subtle techniques An ongoing source of recorded material to avoid constantly recreating lessons Use of weld video in student review and evaluation Use of recorded demos for classroom discussion

XIRIS XVC-1000 WELD CAMERA EDUCATOR KIT Xiris XVC-1000 weld camera educator kitKit Includes: Xiris XVC-1000 weld camera Pelican Case Extended Mounting Kit GigE Camera Cable POE Injector Kit Mounting Arm & Base Digital Breakout Cable Optics Starter Package Water Cooling Plate Virtual training and installation assistance $15,000 Value


The winning school with the best submission will be announced on June 2nd, 2021 at the Educators Conference.


Contest will close on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 at 6pm EST.


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