IRONWORKER LOCAL 721 MEMBERSHIP For members who may have questions


For members who may have questions

  • The Ontario Ironworkers District Council supports COVID-19 vaccinations and encourages members to get vaccinated, unless they have a compelling reason for not doing so.


  • Despite our view about the benefits of being vaccinated, the decision to be or not to be vaccinated is ultimately up to each individual member’s own personal choice.


  • When members have any questions about being vaccinated, they should seek advice from legitimate public health sources and/or their Doctor.


  • The Local will work to support the health and safety of all of our members collectively and support their rights to attend a safe workplace.


  • If or when an employer implements rules or policies requiring employees to get vaccinated in order to keep working members should let their business representatives know as soon as possible. The Union will do its best to support all of its members, but there are no guarantees that mandatory vaccination rules will or can be struck down.


  • Individual case details should be obtained and the matter reviewed for merit as it relates to the members rights as member of Local 721. The Local will vigorously attend to any grievance that may be applicable through the various collective bargaining agreements as it relates to the health and safety obligations of our employers or any other possible breaches in our CBA.


  • Although the Union will do its best to support and defend our members’ individual choices, absent compelling medical or human rights related reasons, this may not always be possible. Members who choose not to be vaccinated may be limiting their employment options.


  • We will work to find additional referral for any members who are disenfranchised from work opportunities to areas where the member can work.




IW Local 721 President

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