On behalf of the Glenn Kimmett Memorial Scholarship Committee consisting of Brothers:

Luiz Barros, Al Robbins, Brenton McCarthy, Brian Linton, Keith Fergus, Jason Collins, John Toffoli, Peter’s Shannon, Shane Shannon and Steve Neveu,

We are pleased to announce that a selection has been made from the applicants for the annual Glenn Kimmett Memorial Scholarship Award.  Submissions were judged based upon 5 criteria’s:

Academics, Athletics, Leadership, Volunteer work and an essay on Labour History

It was a very close competition and a difficult decision for the Committee this year. However, it is with great pleasure that we announce the recipients of the Glenn Kimmett Memorial Scholarship:

$ 5,000.00 Scholarship Award to Allyssa Tassone, daughter of member Joe Tassone

$ 3,000.00 Scholarship Award to Ava Allaire, daughter of member Chris Allaire

$ 1,000.00 Scholarship Award to Susanna Nowak, daughter of member Miroslaw Nowak

$ 1,000.00 Scholarship Award to Chris Shannon, son of member Shane Shannon


Additionally, the following have been awarded the Ron Dee Scholarship Participation Award:

$ 500.00 Scholarship Award to Shayne McLachlan, daughter of member Steve Neveu

$ 500.00 Scholarship Award to Abigayle MacDougall, daughter of member Jamie MacDougall

$ 500.00 Scholarship Award to Ella Cochrane, daughter of member Dwayne Cochrane

$ 500.00 Scholarship Award to Zachary Kerr, son of member Ryan Kerr

$ 500.00 Scholarship Award to Marco Norena, son of member Rodrigo Norena


At the September 20th, 2023 membership meeting the recipients and their family are encouraged to attend, as the recipients will be presented with their scholarship awards that evening.

We wish all participants and recipients the greatest of success!


Award Recipients – PDF