Glenn Kimmett Memorial Scholarship Award 2022 Recipients

On behalf of the Glenn Kimmett Memorial Scholarship Committee consisting of Brothers and Sisters: Luiz Barros, Keith Fergus, Allan Robbins, Shane Shannon, Breton McCarthy, Steve Neveu and Peter’s Shannon.

We are pleased to announce that a selection has been made from the applicants for the annual Glenn Kimmett Memorial Scholarship Award.  Submissions are judged based upon 5 criteria:




Volunteer work

An essay on Labour History


It was a very close competition and a difficult decision for the Committee this year. It is with great pleasure that we will present scholarships to this years recipients at the September 21st, 2022 membership meeting.

$ 5,000.00 Scholarship Award to Samantha Miller, daughter of member Ken Miller Junior

$ 3,000.00 Scholarship Award to Sydney Allison, daughter of member Jim Allison

$ 1,000.00 Scholarship Award to Mya-Alicia Cerosuolo-Orellana, daughter of member Adam Kennedy

We wish all participants and winners the greatest of success!



Additionally, the following have been awarded the Ron Dee Scholarship Participation Award:

$ 500.00 Scholarship Award to Madeleine Jane Bryenton, daughter of member Kevin Bryenton

$ 500.00 Scholarship Award to Zoee Martin, daughter of member Daniel Martin

Award Recipients -PDF

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